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Feedback Loop is a peer feedback survey tool designed for the classroom and made to be easy to use, yet powerful and flexible. Feedback Loop works entirely within your LMS.

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Designed for Team-based Learning

Send, Complete, Receive

Manage everything inside Canvas, import your student teams with one click and provide a seamless response view for students.

Use Templates or Customize

Do you send the same peer review multiple times? Build a template! Or use one of ours, or one provided by your school!

Automatic Results

No more spreadsheets or number crunching! Save time by having everything handled for you automatically including an anonymized performance review for your students. Plus, faculty can view the results of even large student rosters efficiently and outliers are flagged for a deeper inspection.

Built for the Classroom, Informed by Industry

360 peer reviews are commonplace in a corporate career so we wanted to bring a tool to students that will help prepare them for that, while being fully designed for the Higher Education classroom and faculty ease of use.

Drill Down on Results

See results across an entire course and drill down to the team level and the individual level for a fast, glanceable perspective on peer feedback results.

100% LMS Integrated

We know peer feedback is not an every day activty. It needs to fold into your existing tools for a seamless experience for both faculty and student. Feedback Loop does this with an LTI Advantage and API level integration to bring you the most advanced LMS integration possible.

Mobile First

Feedback Loop works great on mobile so students can respond to peer feedback anywhere!

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We have one focus: Peer Feedback for teamwork-based learning

Our singular focus on peer feedback allowed us to build a tool that is super easy and engaging for faculty and students to use. Everything is done right inside the Learning Management System (LMS). Import student rosters and teams with a click, build custom survey templates or use ours and send.

Once the results are in, view all teams’ results at once and drill down to individual teams or students as needed. Student results can be released to them in an automatically (and anonymized) prepared report giving students immediate feedback on their performance modeled after 360 results reports used in industry.

Feedback Loop

Over 250,000 Surveys Sent

Feedback Loop is brand-new tool based on 4 years of experience at EduSourced, where 360 peer feedback for Higher Education was pioneered. Find out how easy it is to get high quality peer feedback in your LMS courses with a live demo!
How much does Feedback Loop cost?

Feedback Loop costs $14 per student and discounts are available for larger implementations. Learn more about our pricing here.

Does Feedback Loop integrate with my Learning Management System (LMS)?
Yes, Feedback Loop works fully within the Learning Management System (LMS). Currently, Feedback Loop integrates with Canvas LMS but we will be releasing Blackboard and Moodle integrations soon.
What is Feedback Loop?
Feedback Loop is a cutting-edge peer feedback platform that provides a student user experience that is inspired by corporate peer feedback tools, but is optimized for the university classroom.

We built Feedback Loop from a combined team experience that includes EduSourced, an experiential learning tool with a popular peer feedback feature, Coaching.com, a professional coaching platform with an integrated survey tool and Acceptd, a performing arts application platform for Higher Education, which also includes surveys. As you can tell, we are really passionate about surveys!

How is this better than using a form for my surveys?

Feedback Loop is a product built for surveys. As a result, it’s much easier to build and send surveys that automatically incorporate your student rosters and teams, displays results for faculty analysis and even generates a report for students to understand their performance on the team.

How does Feedback Loop work?

What this video for a tour of Feedback Loop! Note, we are releasing regular updates to the product and this video is not the latest version. To see the latest and greatest, fill out the form above for a live demo!