Canvas assignment survey sync Feedback Loop

The ultimate Canvas survey Tool: How to send Feedback Loop surveys as Canvas assignments

Feedback Loop’s October update is live and our Canvas integration is better than ever! With Feedback Loop, you can now send 360 peer review surveys as an assignment in Canvas, making Feedback Loop the ultimate Canvas survey tool with an entirely seamless user experience for students and instructors. Note: this functionality is coming soon to other LMS providers including Blackboard and Moodle!

Feedback Loop Survey <> Canvas Assignment Sync

  • When sending a survey, instructors now have the option to send it as an assignment.
  • Assignment surveys automatically show up in the course’s Canvas assignments list.
  • Set the number of points available for completing the survey and set it to auto grade upon completion by student, or manually grade from Canvas’ Gradebook. Auto graded assigns credit to students who have completed the survey when you release survey results.
  • Assignment surveys can be completed by the student right from Canvas’ Assignment tab.

How to send a survey as an assignment in Canvas

How students complete a survey from Canvas Assignments

Improvements to Survey Template Builder

  • Easier to delete questions and categories without clicking out of a new question or category
  • Remaining characters on your question label length is always visible
  • Update a question as a new question type while editing it without having to deleteĀ and create a new question

Additional Improvements

  • Teams are now alphabetically ordered on the roster page and surveys page
  • Improved results export including both a raw and summary view of results data
  • In-app results view now displays written text responses more densely so you can review many responses efficiently
  • Released results preview: view survey results from any student’s perspective with one click
  • Survey delivery confirmation sent to all instructors on a course

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