Question Types

Feedback Loop supports five question types, in addition to instruction blocks. One type, custom choices, allows you to build any response list or scale you would like.

Likert scale

The most popular points scale in peer review: five point likert scale. You can customize it and make it your own with a different scale level and seven points is the second most popular option for likert scales.


The standard for collecting simple responses.

Custom Choices

Build your own scale from scratch.

Free Text

Qualitative feedback. Prompt students to share their own written thoughts in a peer feedback format, or as a general reflection on the team or course.

Points allocation

Set an amount of points, per student on the team, to be allocated by students to their peers and self. This question type is useful if you want to enforce student peer ratings on a zero sum scale. Each point given to one student cannot be given to another, so the stakes are raised.

Points allocation field selection

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