Releasable vs Private Feedback

When setting up a survey template, you have several options you can set for each question. One of those options is whether the results for that question are releasable to students or private and only visible to instructors. Releasing results provides students with a performance report, based on both their received peer and self-reflection responses. This is helpful in giving the student insight into their performance on a team and mimics feedback tools used in the corporate workplace.

This option can be set for any question type. In the option below, we have a Free Text question and the results visibility toggle is open. Choosing Aggregate results releasable allows includes anonymized responses to this question in the released results report. Choosing Results private to instructor means any responses to this question will not be included in the released results report and that only instructors can view the responses.

general reflection questions in Feedback Loop

Below is how these questions look to respondents, depending on whether they are releasable or not. The Globe icon (releasable) and the shield icon (private and for instructor view only) indicate this and either can be hovered over to confirm.

Releasable vs private question indicator on survey response view

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