Retrieving and Viewing Survey Results

Survey results in Feedback Loop are presented in three layers:

  1. All teams
  2. One team
  3. Individual student

Tip: Watch the video walkthrough

Step 1: Click Surveys from the navigation bar

This is where you view surveys for your course including surveys that you have not yet sent, you have sent and closed out surveys. Click on a surveys name (or click the 3 dot menu and click View Survey) to view its results.

View surveys

Step 2: Pick Your Results View

This is the survey management page and you can click any of the three choices for results highlighted below: All Results at the top, Team Results next to each Team name and Individual Results next to each student.

Survey management page

Tip: Within the All Teams or Individual Teams views, you can click on a bar to zoom in on that team or user’s feedback.

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