Feedback Loop Survey Templates

Survey templates allow you to build it once and send it many times. You can build your own template from scratch, or, if available at your school, use an institutional template.

Getting Started

Click Library to view your template library or create a new one with the Add Template + button.


Create a new template

Build a new template from scratch


Edit an existing template

Make changes to an existing template. Note you cannot edit an institution template without the proper permissions, but you can clone it to make it your own and edit it from there!

Survey library template

Make it your own

When building a template, either by clicking Add Template or editing an existing one, you have several options when building it out:

  • Categories
    • Groups questions together under a category banner
  • Each question can be a Peer or General Reflection
    • Peer Feedback has students reviewing each other and themselves.
    • General Feflection allows students to review anything not peer targeted. This is useful for self reflection, reflecting on the team as a whole or any other scenario where they are not reviewing a peer.
  • Question types:
    • Instructions
      • A text block that students can read but not respond to.
    • Likert scale
      • A 5-point likert scale but can be modified to add additional points.
    • Yes/No
    • Custom scale
    • Free Text
      • Students can type freely into a response.

Tip: reuse your template to make sensing the same survey multiple times per course easier!

Request a Feature or Report a Problem

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